Week 24 MKMA My Greatest Master Mind

As I have read and worked and thought through this course, many changes have happened in my life. My DMP has begun to exhibit in many ways and has brought me much peace and joy. Masterminding with my tribe and Guide has made a huge difference. My Husband’s willingness to mastermind has brought changes in our relationship. I feel enlivened in my faith and service both on a personal level and in my church responsibilities. How blessed I am.

In my Week 23 post I spoke of my heroes master minding, of the blessings of being able to be with that mastermind for a time.

We have been learning of vibrations and the sound, color, heat and light they produce. What a wonderful world we have because of those vibrations! I have realized that vibration is a huge part of Faith and Spirit and is very important in relationships and love.


I have watched an amazing part of my DMP begin to bear fruit this week. We have had plans of a reunion this summer that will bring most of our children together, it has been a challenge to orchestrate plans and solutions with children spread across the country. I have meditated much on this and have felt a need to let things flow as they will. This week our children formed a Spontaneous Master Mind with us over email that has been a delight (cl0se to 50 emails in the past couple of days). Impossibilities have  melted away as a synergy and unity of mind and Spirit began to form. I have seen unselfish kindness and concern and consideration develop and a love for each other and desire to be together overcome obstacles, and bring about miraculous results. The vibration has been amazing! and the flow of thought has brought about solutions we could never dream of individually. The Heavens are open and we are being poured out a blessing. I can hardly wait! August is going to be very hard to wait for! (and since Mark is candid I will tell you my oldest son calls me “the faucet” because I cry at all things family and Spirit and I have Wept gallons this week!)

What a fitting wonderful way to end this course; that the most important part of my DMP would begin to manifest so wonderfully in the last week. The future is bright and all I can say is Thank You Cassandra, Chris, Jera, Wayne, Davene, Mark, Trish, Debbie, Blair and all who have encouraged and blessed me in this journey.

May the Lord bless you with miracles and peace.

With Great Love,62940_459241324896_2023201_n

Becky Walther


Week 23 MKMMA Nature’s Greatest Miracle

As I have experienced things in the past 2 weeks I have come to an even greater knowledge of how truly powerful each of us are. We are truly Nature’s greatest miracles. Each person has a unique roll to play in our world and our lives and are not there by accident but are blessing from the Lord to help us, teach us, and lift us.

I have been keenly aware in the past few weeks of how blessed I am as the Lord has placed individuals in my path to help and lift me and for me to help and lift. I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have this in my life.


In particular what a blessing it was to be with my greatest heroes my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. We call it a dose of Olpin (my mother’s maiden name) in our family. This group has got to be one of the most amazing and powerful Master Minding groups I have ever seen, give them a problem they will work to solve it. And in that group to have time to share part of this journey and to feel Master Mind and kinship with my sweet cousin Debbie Arnell. I am so blessed…

So it is with great gratitude and joy that I finished my 23rd week of MKMMA. My world is opening up and becoming wonderful!!!

Make it a wonderful week!IMG_0972

Becky Walther



MKMMA Week 22A Abide With Me

In the Greatest Salesman in the World Scroll VI, Og Mandino says:
“Today I will be master of my emotions.
“And how will I master my emotions so that every day is a happy day, and a productive one? I will learn this secret of the ages: Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. Each day, when I awake, I will follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity and failure–”

This week has been a time to test my mettle on mastering my emotions. It seems sometimes that the Lord will allow us opportunity to practice what we are trying to perfect.

School concerns for my daughter which we can only partly control came to a head.

My brother in law was killed in a tragic accident. Such a shock to lose one so young! His children and grandchildren are shocked and dismayed at his passing.

And then early yesterday morning a beloved Uncle was taken after a lengthy fight with cancer. His fight has been courageous, his passing expected, and still he will be dearly missed.

These along with other concerns have weighed heavily on me this week. In the trial and sadness, I have found solace and strength. Reading Scriptures and Praying have brought much relief. Without really even realizing it I have turned to my Life Source of Music. At the very moment I need them lines from songs have entered my mind or the right song has played.

This morning as I took in the fact that my Uncle is gone the words to two songs began to play in my mind. Put there for me by a loving God who knew me and eased my pain.

Abide with Me!
1. Abide with me! fast falls the eventide;12804768_10207388468523755_4439772176537584464_n
The darkness deepens. Lord, with me abide!
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me!

2. Swift to its close ebbs out life’s little day.
Earth’s joys grow dim; its glories pass away.
Change and decay in all around I see;
O thou who changest not, abide with me!

3. I need thy presence ev’ry passing hour.
What but thy grace can foil the tempter’s pow’r?
Who, like thyself, my guide and stay can be?
Thru cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me!

Text: Henry F. Lyte, 1793-1847
Music: William H. Monk, 1823-1889
Luke 24:29, John 15:4-12
Hymns, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Abide with Me!, no. 166

As the Second Song began to implant its self in my mind. The words reminded me of our assignment in The Master Key this week. Haanel challenged us:
“28. For your exercise this week concentrate on Tennyson’s beautiful lines “Speak to Him, thou, for He hears, and spirit with spirit can meet, Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.” Then try to realize that when you do “Speak to Him” you are in touch with Omnipotence.”

The words of the song became even sweeter, how grateful I was not only for MKMMA where I have been reminded of so many things I knew and had forgotten, but even more so for kind parents and teachers who lovingly introduced me to the Lord and helped Him become my friend. In time of need there He was ready to carry me in the Hollow of His Hand.

The lines to this second song bring me such comfort.

A serendipitous event happened earlier this week! The woman who wrote this song came to our Women’s Conference and shared her light and music with us. We had opportunity to sing this song under her direction! Wow! The Lord is near.

A Child’s Prayer
1. Heavenly Father, are you really there?12744727_962357973819629_8018382311042615752_n
And do you hear and answer ev’ry child’s prayer?
Some say that heaven is far away,
But I feel it close around me as I pray.
Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
“Suffer the children to come to me.”
Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.

2. Pray, he is there;
Speak, he is list’ning.
You are his child;
His love now surrounds you.
He hears your prayer;
He loves the children.
Of such is the kingdom, the kingdom of heav’n.

Words and music: Janice Kapp Perry, b. 1938
© 1984 by Janice Kapp Perry. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church or home use.
Matthew 19:14
Children’s Songbook, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, A Child’s Prayer, pages 12–13

I have been in the presence of the Lord’s Omnipotence all week. His miracles are real! They surround us and make us whole. They bless us in good times and trying times. For this I am grateful. The Lord’s presence in my life and the miracles and blessings that come to me give me the strength to be master of my emotions today and always as I walk with Him.

I give you this from my belief system. Whatever yours is I pray that you will feel blessed and lifted. Look for the miracles and you will find them.
May the Lord bless you
Becky Walther

MKMMA Week 22 Vibrations of Spring

I Love Spring!!! The beginnings of new birth, the earthy discovery and smells, the promise of renewal. I love the wonder and total excitement of being with my grandchildren as they discover the new sprouts and the first crocuses in my yard! Their pure wonder and joy vibrates in my soul.



We have had a very wet deep winter here in Utah, it has been cut short however and we are having record breaking warm temperatures. Yesterday it was 74 degrees; the first week in March! Although being a farmer’s daughter I have concern for our water year; I can’t tell you how much joy I feel vibrating in my soul as I watch my tulips and daffodils begin to come up! After 4 months of almost back to back viruses and illness I feel hope welling up in my chest and I feel the need to say thank you to my Creator. I feel a new strength growing inside me that tells me I will be whole and feel well again.

So much of our lives and how they run their course depends on our thoughts and attitudes. I love the spring’s reminder of my ability to lift myself and help my body heal and become strong merely by changing my mental attitude and my self-talk.

As this new season of hope and beginnings comes I know I will succeed. Today I will be master of my emotions. I will find hope and joy in all around me. I will hug my children and grandchildren tight, and I will love my husband with new commitment. I will make each day the best day of my life! I pray that each of you will have the same opportunity for renewal and joy!

Make it a wonderful week
Becky Walther

daffodils and tulips

Master Key Week 21 The Power in the Silence

Today I begin. I live each day as if it is my last, for as I live each day this way it is so much easier to prioritize what is truly most important. As I live in this new way I realize how important it is to live each day in truth and light. Each day as I go into the Silence of prayer and meditation it becomes more and more evident that this is the way to find the light and truth. When I listen in the Silence I hear the Infinite and Eternal guidance come. My path becomes clear and I know I am blessed.12744412_1082114421808762_4799691623602689977_n

This is the True Source of Power the key to our success and our service. For we learn that only as we become servant to others can the blessings of success and peace descend upon us. True power is from within, we gain it in the Silence of meditation and prayer. If we want to connect to the Infinite we must bring ourselves there. For in those hours of silence the world is opened to our view and we know what we are to do.

As I reawaken this great power I come in contact with my true self. I am becoming again a “live wire”, I feel the electricity that comes as my soul awakens to the Source of all Power, I know I will be able to find self-control and self-mastery of every condition in my life. I can now again Think Big for my world is coming into order.

This week as I began to serve more, organizing a planning meeting with my family to plan my mother’s family’s reunion I saw one of my most sought for parts of my DMP start to fall into place. I have missed the close ties I once had with my siblings and my dad, since my mom’s death we have all had our lives get busier with family and work and life. We have forgotten to reach out to each other and drifted. As we started to plan Monday night, not only did plans for the reunion flow, but a great desire was expressed by all of us that we missed each other and wanted to be together more often. The end result was we set up a plan to get together and have dinner every other month. Dates were planned and hosting arranged (so it isn’t just a pipe dream, but concrete). BAM!!! My DMP in action. Law of Subconcious, Law of Attraction, you bet! Give More, Get More. I love it!!!

I love seeing my mental attitude becoming more positive. It is so fun to see that as I put in the work the things I dream of are happening. They are no longer a dream but are becoming reality. I am so excited to continue on this Heros Journey I know it will be challenging but so worth it in the end.

Make it a wonderful week,12742624_10208384409509521_119620837179200463_n
Becky Walther




Master Key Week 20 Happiness Comes From Within

Master Key Week 20 / 14. “To become inspired means to get out of the beaten path, out of the rut, because extraordinary results require extraordinary means. When we come into a recognition of the Unity of all things and that the source of all power is within, we tap the source of inspiration.”

I have come to the realization that the MKMMA journey for me has been less a learning of new information and ways and more a remembering of what I knew and who I was.
As a child, youth, young adult and young married wife and mother I knew who I was and I pursued each day my best self and to make a difference in the world. Through the years I somehow lost some of that zeal and got caught up in the mundane and the ordinary. Survival became my great quest. I still went through the motions of communing with God and being my best self, but somewhere along the way I got tired and wasn’t trying as hard.

This course has reminded me how important it is to take time to be extraordinary! I need to be actively engaged in communing with the Lord each day to be the best mom, wife, grandma, daughter, friend and neighbor I can be. This course has opened my life up to happiness and peacefulness in my soul. It was there all along I just needed to activate my power to have it.

As I have found my happiness, peace and power, I have also found my better connection to the inspiration I need to be the person I am on this earth to become. I love who I am becoming, it is changing my relationships and bringing great joy to my marriage and family.

In Week 20 / 15 Haanel talks about Inspiration being the art of imbibing, Have you ever thought of inspiration being the source of all art? Kind of mind blowing for me! When I take the time to Think (and listen for answers) I am Creating Art! My life can be art!!

In Week 20 / 16 Haanel states: “An understanding and appreciation of the fact that the infinite power is omnipresent and is therefore in the infinitely small as well as the infinitely large will enable us to absorb its essence;”

I have always told my children that God is a micro manager and He is in the very details of our lives, that if they will allow Him to take the reins and then if they will watch carefully they will see His daily miracles in their lives.

This course has humbled me to begin to “let go and let God” again guide and direct my life. What peace and joy this has brought me. I feel like I am that young woman who knew and trusted all over again. I feel the presence of Love and Greatness guiding and protecting me. I know I will succeed and be able to love and care for that which is mine.

Most important, I know I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing and that my life has had purpose and will continue to have purpose. I am ready to serve more and better. To love my husband and work with him to make our business grow and become the blessing to others it will be. I know I am loved and that I can share that love with all around me. I can only give thanks.

God bless you all
Becky Walther


I Found My Power MKMMA Week 19

The past 2 1/2 weeks I have been struggling with flu, that turned into an ear infection (yes at age 60), then to an obstructed right ear canal leading into my throat. As I have worked very hard to stay on top of my Master Key work, continue to be a good parent and wife to my daughters and husband and to care for my lovely grandchildren it has been eye opening how important all these roles are, how important my roles are in setting the tone for our family, how important my consistency is to the success of our special needs daughters.

I have read of my power in Haanel’s Master Key this week and of living this day as if it is my last with Og Mandino. I have visited obituaries and asked myself if that person would trade places with me for one more day on earth. I have reflected on the anniversary of my own mother’s passing 16 years ago on February 3rd and on that day I read her obituary. In most of these cases I do believe these good people would love to have had 1 more healthy day with their loved ones. In my mother’s case I am sure of it. She lived for and joyed in being a mother and in her family. Mom was a gifted Registered Nurse who chose to put family ahead of career and raised a wonderful family who adored her. MKMMA has actually helped me in my healing process to overcome the sadness and depression that I unknowingly have had descend on me in January every year and stay until after her birthday in March. This year it didn’t happen I have found peace in her being on the other side. I feel her with me often and I am so grateful for her love.

So here is where this is leading. After almost 40 years of being a mother and being a stay at home mom for most of those 40 years I have come to question my worth and the worth of my contribution to the world. All of this introspection on power and last days of life and what people would do for one more day has helped me to realize I have done exactly what I set out to do in the first place. I wanted to help mold adults who were God fearing men and women, who were good citizens and honest caring human beings who would make a difference in this world. I have succeeded in this, not because of me but because of them and the caliber of people they are, all I had to do was help them stay on good paths.

And so here I stand with gratitude for the power to be a good mother, for being taught that power from the best mother I have ever known, my own dear mother. I realize anew that she who rocks the cradle can truly help to rule the world. I have come to really relish reading and challenging myself each day to live as if it is my last and to cherish that day and serve others with joy. There is so much left to do, so many lives to help influence and mold. I will joy in being a mother and now a grandmother and I will feel as though my life is full and useful.

Thank you Debbie and Cassandra and Mark and Davene and Trish and all my tribe for helping me on this journey of healing and discovery. It has been worth it. I look forward to further challenge and growth.

Becky Walther